NextClear Gloss - High Solid High Gloss 2K Clear Coat in spraycan ml 400 Transparent Gloss

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Product code: TR-2K-400-GLO
Cat.: Professional 2k Bodywork Clear Coats


NextClear is the 2k High Solid Lacquer made directly by VerniciSpray, in this glossy finish it has even High Gloss properties. So this gloss NextClear is a two-component high solid and high gloss clear coat, the ideal solution for car touch up with spray products, thanks to its great resistance and high brilliance. Such a resistant and gloss clear coat can be very useful in many other cases different from car touch up. It guarantees UV protection, resistance to ageing, petrol, chemical substances and yellowing.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: NextClear is a 2k spray that must be activated only at the moment of use. Lacquer and catalyst are already contained into the spraycan, to activate the catalysis remove the red plastic button from the cap of the spraycan and turn the can upside down. Put hard the red button in the stem on the bottom of the aerosol and shake very well for some minutes to make the catalyst dissolve completely. Before applying, sand lightly the surface to allow the anchor, or, in case of application on a freshly painted surface, apply the 2k clear coat when you see that the paint is dry (when the surface is not more wet): you should wait usually 15-20 min from the application of our custom car paints (when you note that the painted surface is no longer moist to the view). Apply 2 coats. The high gloss lacquer reaches its complete drying after 24 hours (for more technical details see below). Use the contents of aerosol within 24 hours from the activation (the duration can be even longer, depending on the place where it is conserved).
Coverage of one aerosol: about 1 sqm.

The NextClear Lacquers are marked with the QUALITY EXTRA - brand, that identifies all those products directly made by VerniciSpray, on which we guarantee the best control on quality and the best delivery speed. Every item is tested: this guarantees the best quality for every single aerosol.


2k Spray can 400 ml

Professional High Gloss Lacquer 2k - High Solid Lacquer in spraycan for custom paints   Transparent Gloss Transparent Gloss
Transparent Gloss

Unit price: EUR23.50
VAT included: EUR28.67


Finish : Transparent Gloss

Technical Details

ml :400

Technical Details and Useful suggests : Drying time (at 20°C and 60% RH):
dry dust free 20 min,dry to the touch 60 min, dry in depth 24 hours.
Pot Life: 24 hours from the activation (the duration can be even longer, depending on the place in which it retains). You will find the detailed instructions for the activation and use of this Two-Component Lacquer on its package.
Fields of Application:
- Car Paints (bodywork)
- Motorbike Paints (frame and tank)
- Modelling, even dinamic

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