Carbon Filler - 2k Polyester Filler for plastic, carbon and glass fiber

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Product code: HA600
Cat.: Putty and filler for metals plastic carbon in pot or tube


CARBON FILLER is a carbon/polyester filler very easy to use and sand, especially useful for rigid and semirigid plastic and for carbon and glass fiber.
Suitable applications include the repair of bodywork damage on yachts, cars and RV´s, not structural damages to mast and spar, and it is even the right filler for bonding and repairing iron, ceramics, stone, steel, wood...
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: The filler should only be used on dry and absolutely clean surfaces, removing any oil and grease. The Carbon Filler has to be mixed with 2 - 3% hardener. Mix only the quantity you need because you should use the mixture within 4 - 5 minutes. Now you can apply the filler, always in thin layers, using a steel or rubber blade. The best working temperature is about 20°C.
Hardening time is approximately 15- 20 minutes, and after this time the Carbon Filler is ready for sanding, if required. This polyester filler is the best one thanks to its excellent properties in adhesion and flexibility.
Suggests for sanding: To sand smooth the hardened filler you can use a file or sandpaper (80 grit or finer).
Wait at least 25 minutes before exposing the surface to temperatures above 70°C.
Quantity: 280 ml
ATTENTION: The package includes the hardener (catalyzer)

Can with catalyst

Carbon Filler - Carbon/polyester two-component Filler   Standard Standard

Unit price: EUR16.70
VAT included: EUR20.37
Valid until: 30-09-2020


Technical Details

ml :280

Technical Details and Useful suggests :
Short summary of suitable application fields:
- car touch up
- reparation of yachts and boats
- repairs on recreational vehicle (RV)
- moto repairs
- repair of iron, ceramics, stone, steel, wood ...

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