Glow in the Dark Paint (phosphorescent): more than 12 hours of light 75 microns 100 gr

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Product code: NEXTGLOW-100-30-75
Cat.: Vernici Fosforescenti Fotoluminescenti Spray e Pennello


NEXTGLOW is a special LUMINOUS acrylic paint of last generation (luminescent) at high intensity (it absorbs the light during the day and it gives back it at night). The pigment used is the best that the world market offers. It applies at brush or spray with our Spray Gun mini portable paint station.
It isn't properly a paint as the product in the light is whitish milky, semitransparent and in the dark it lightens, giving back the greenish light that it accumulates during the day, bringing out the objects that have been painted. NEXTGLOW is a unique product on market for its high luminous efficiency and just keep the object painted in the light and bring it in the dark to see the fantastic effect. NEXTGLOW is also sensitive to black light or wood light to lighten. We always recommend to apply the paint on a white base, that lets to microgranuls (75 microns) of pigment to be loaded as much as possible, unlike of dark surfaces that absorb the light and don't load the pigment. On the NEXTGLOW paint NEVER apply varnishes with UV filters but apply those without UV filters. The pigments mainly take up UV rays and for this reason they need them to work; the use of varnishes with UV protection can damage the luminous function of the product. The product is sufficiently concentrated for spray using (Spray Gun) to dilute with solvent to the nitro. The treated surface is slightly rough because of luminous pigments. If you want a perfectly polished surface apply varnishes without UV filters. The pigments added into the mixture have an high specific gravity, so they tend to accumulate on the bottom. Mix very well the product before, and if necessary during the application too. The pot's content is 100 ml of concentrated product.
Note: always apply on a white base.

Glass pot

Special Paint | luminous | photoluminescent | 100 ml microns 75

Unit price: EUR17.00
VAT included: EUR20.74


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ml  :100

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