Set accessories for a complete car paint repair kit with spraycan

Kit accessories for car touch up with spraycan

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Set accessories for your car paint repair kit with spraycan
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Product Description

Discover the new VerniciSpray® car paint repair kit with all the spray painting accessories you need! Just add the automotive spray touch up paint to get all the necessary. We have assembled all the essential accessories in this affordable set for car touch up. Ideal even if you have to spray paint body components like side mirrors and moldings.

  • Optimal Surface Preparation:
    Abrasive paper and Scotch Brite to matte the surface or eliminate imperfections. A light sanding enhances the adhesion of the new paint, providing a solid base for painting.

    NextClean Automotive spray degreaser with its specific cloth. The anti silicone cleaner guarantees the removal of all traces of dirt and, most importantly, silicone that would damage the painting.

  • Improved Application
    VerniciSprayŽ spray handle. The aerosol can gun ensures a consistent and drip-free application, reusable with all spraycans.

    Fan caps with 3 different fan width and flow and 1 full cone spray nozzles with medium flow. Always clean the nozzle after use and keep it: you will be able to choose the most suitable one for your next DIY projects.

  • Guaranteed Cleaning and Protection
    FFP2 Mask and Gloves. Safety first when painting, don't forget to protect your respiratory tract and skin. Our latex glove is specifically designed for contact with chemicals and solvents.

    Polyurethane Thinner. You will be provided with a small bottle of thinner, useful for removing small droplets, cleaning the spray cap or parts accidentally painted.
What's missing from the accessories set car paint repair kit? You only need to add the car spray paint can in your original color, and you'll have everything you need for a successful bodywork touch-up!

Technical Details

kit: 1

Technical Details and Useful suggests:
The auto touch-up spray accessories kit includes:

  • Dry abrasive papers P120, P180, P240, P320 (1 sheet 230x280 mm for each grain)
  • 1 fine-grit Scotch Brite
  • 1 Anti silicone Degreaser (300 ml spraycan)
  • Reusable cleaning Cloth for Anti silicone
  • 1 Universal aerosol can gun
  • 3 fan caps with different openings and flows (1 wide / 1 medium / 1 low flow with narrow fan)
  • 1 full cone spray nozzle with medium flow
  • 1 FFP2 mask with 5-layer high protection
  • 1 pair of latex gloves
  • 1 bottle of polyurethane thinner (60 ml)

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