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Nextcolor Spray Gun The importance of the protective Lacquers for Bodywork spray paints

Short guide for the choice of the most suitable spray lacquer for your needs

We often do not mind what Lacquer we apply after have painted or retouched our car bodywork. But we should know that the Lacquer, besides having an aesthetic function, has even protective functions of the paint below. This is true especially when surfaces are exposed to scratching, bad weather, thermal shocks and/or chemical agents. Even we could say that the function of the Lacquer is so important, that it often determines the final result of our work. In fact the Lacquer layer has to resist more than the others to the different environmental conditions and it has to filter the light so that it does not damage the pigment below. (Look at the illustration on the side: Representation of 2 layers, the paint below and the lacquer above). A good protective Lacquer always guarantees an excellent result: so we strongly believe that it is realy worthwhile spending a few more euros on the purchase of a high quality lacquer.

Protective Lacquer

Some examples of our 1k and 2k Lacquer, everyone with high resistance to petrol and alcohol

2k Spray Lacquer

NEXTCOLOR K2 200 Two-component Lacquer (catalyzed) is an high quality 2k Lacquer: very useful for small and medium bodywork retouches. Extremely resistant to scratch, petrol, alcohol, UV rays and atmospheric agents. Ideal in marine environment too. Quick drying and very easy to use: this Two-Component Lacquer must be activated at the moment of use. Just taking the metal ring on the top of the spraycan and inserting it in the hole on the bottom (for more detailed instructions go to the product page): after the activation must be used within 24-36 hours. On the surfaces previously treated with our sample customised paints NEXTCOLOR, apply this 2k Lacquer when the paint is not completely dry. Anyway the packaging includes a product datasheet. CONTENT: 200 ml (to protect bodywork retouches made with one 400ml spray can).
Price: euro 17,50 + VAT

1k Lacquer

NEXTCOLOR K300 The Lacquer 1K “NEXTCOLOR K300” is the best product that the market offers amoung the one- component lacquers, also known as 1K. With amazing chemical physical properties, this One-Component Lacquer is perfect as gloss finish for matt double coat bodywork paints of cars and motorbikes (all our sample customised bodywork metallic or pearl paints). Its shine let us compare this Lacquer to the HIGH GLOSS Lacquers. High resistance to petrol, hydrocarbons, alcohol and almost all detergents, excellent resistant to scratch. Ideal in marine environment too. It does not get yellow and it resists to UV rays. Excellent report quality/price.
CONTENT: 400 ml
Price: euro 8,70 + VAT

2k Lacquer with Spray Gun

NEXTCOLOR Kit-2-2k-100 Catalyzed high gloss Lacquer “NEXTCOLOR” in 100 ml pot with SPRAY GUN: the complete kit to spray paint your car or motorbike bodywork paint with a layer of protective High Gloss Lacquer. The packaging includes 100 ml pot High Gloss Lacquer (100 ml are equal to one 400 ml spray can) and one Spray Gun. Ideal to protect all the paints in a professional way and, particularly, bodywork paints. This 2k Lacquer is resistant to alcohol, petrol and partially to solvents too. The packaging is provided with two separated containers (lacquer and its catalyst) to be combined at the moment of use, even a small measuring glass is included to help you to measure the dose.
Price: euro 19,50 + VAT

2k Lacquer in pot

NEXTCOLOR Kit-2-2k-100 Catalyzed Two-Component Lacquer HIGH GLOSS or MATT. Available in pot 100 ml or 50 ml (100 ml are equal to one 400 ml spraycan; 50 ml are equal to one 200 ml spraycan). Ideal to protect all the paints in professional way and, especially, bodywork paints of cars and motorbikes. High resistance to alcohol, petrol, UV rays, scratching and partially to the solvents too. The packaging is provided with two separated containers (lacquer and catalyst) to be mixed at the moment of use and it includes even a small measuring glass.
Price: euro 7,00 - 8,50 + VAT

Some general advices:

Application of more coats of paints: All the Lacquers must be applied when the paint below is wet and not dry, (after 5-10 minutes from the painting). If you want to spread more coats of lacquer, wait 5-10 minutes from the first and the second one. Anyway we advise you not to use too much product.
To remove the lacquer, clean with nitro solvent and/or acetone.

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