Fender Custom Colors paints

Nitro paints NextGuitars are produced in original Fender colours: the ideal product to spray paint guitar or other musical instruments in vintage style. There are different kinds of paints (depending on the color): the gloss direct Nitro Paints, the double Coat paints in special acrylic composition (professional car body paint) and the spray 2k polyurethane guitar paint. All fender colors are always available, especially formulated for musical instruments.

Note: metallic colours are produced only in Double Coat paint, so they need a Gloss Clear Coat. You can choose between Nitro gloss clear coat and 2K High solid high gloss clear coat.

  • NextGuitars - Nitro Spray Fender Guitar Paint

    NextGuitars - Nitro Spray Fender Guitar Paint

    Spray paint for a perfect finish nitrocellulose guitar paint, ideal for many musical instruments such as guitars or basses. All Fender colours available, also metallic effect

    Pc 1

    from 16.00 €without VAT
  • NextGuitars 2k - Polyurethane guitar paint

    NextGuitars 2k - Polyurethane guitar paint

    Fender polyurethane finish in 2k spray can, for the best resistance and the highest colours brilliance. Polyurethane guitar paint only in solid Fender colours (not metallic effect)

    Pc 1

    from 22.00 €without VAT

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