NextGlow Acrylic luminous paint at high efficiency (it absorbs the daylight and it gives back it at night)

Some information you should know before buying.

NextGlow is a phosphorescent paint (not to be confused with common fluorescent):

NextGlow is a luminous paint (don’t mistake with the common fluorescent paints) it has the property to take up the daylight and give it back at night, in addition to be sensitive to UV rays and to wood lamps (black light). The pure pigment of Alkaline Earth Metal Aluminate Europium Doped (don’t mistake with phosphorus derivates)is the best that world market offers, it is the product more performant (characteristics never reached to date).
The paint can be loaded and be discharged thousands of times, the first decays notice after 10 years about (of the pigment). The pigment’s percentage in the base composition are 25% but are available paste with more high concentration (with clearly more cost).

Products NextGlow

NextGlow is a paint ready for use in acrylic base, it can be applied both at brush and at spray, using our Spray Gun, see below. Spray use, use the luminous paint with a more thin pigment (micron max 35). The paint in the light is whitish and semitransparent and in the dark it lightens of greenish light. It is strongly recommended to apply the paint on light bases, preferably pure white, the dark colours attenuate a lot the fluorescent effect. The report pigment resin is quite high, however to improve the effect, apply more coat of paints but don’t overdo because the luminous grains, if they are superimposed, they shield to those under them and it is like they aren’t, as they don’t take up the light.

Some types of applications

Clock luminous and fluorescent

Small items

Brand luminous and fluorescent


Signaling in the dark luminous and fluorescent


Signaling in the dark luminous and fluorescent


Fishing bait luminous and fluorescent


objects luminous and fluorescent


NextColor Spray Gun

Painting in freedom.
Now spray painting with any paint, solvent, water and catalyzed paints is possible without the compressor and the specific gun. Spray gun is little and portable, it can be used both to paint and for other applications that need the product’s nebulization. A complete painting station to hand. For more information CLICK HERE.

As previously mentioned, we underline that the glow in the dark paint is composed of three main components:

  1. Pigment (micron 35 or 75)
  2. Paste Binder
  3. Acrylic resin base

The active element is the pigment, it has need of a certain volume to work and the luminous strenght is proportional to its size, even if our thin pigment is realized with pigments more strong. The pigment’s size also determines the slight roughness of the surface that it can be removed using a protective clear coat without UV filters (it’s important for a better functioning)..