FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions our Customer Service receives. We have tried to give exhaustive answers, but if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us by email, phone or whatsapp. We will be happy to help you

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First you have to create an account, if you are not registered yet. You will receive a confirmation email with a password assigned by us. You can access entering your email address and password: now you can add the products to the cart and continue with the purchase. If you are already registered, go directly to the login page to place an order.
You can choose if you want to pay with a Credit Card, Paypal or Bank Transfer. Card payment is allowed for Visa and Mastercard circuits.
When you enter the data to access your account on the site, check if you accidentally entered a space at the beginning or end of your email address and make sure you have correctly written the password we assigned to you. If you still cannot log in, please contact our Customer Service.
Check in the junk mail folder. If you cannot find anything, just contact our Customer Service to verify if your account registration has been completed or if your order has been correctly registered.
If you have forgotten your password, you can recover it clicking "Have you forgotten the password?" on the access page or click here now: Recover Password.
To make the purchase, you just need to reach a total amount of products in your cart of € 10.00 + VAT.
If your payment with Card or Paypal was not successful, exit and try again. Your order has been already registered, so you don't have to start the purchase process again adding the products to the cart: just go to the Orders page or in My VerniciSpray to pay for the order with "Status: Unpaid".
We are very sorry but we cannot offer this service outside of Italy.
If you signed up as a company, the invoice will be issued automatically with your account data, for all your orders. If you are a private customer , you can request an invoice immediately after placing your order. Go to the Orders Area or enter in My VerniciSpray and click Invoice Request. Remember that once we have shipped the order it will no longer be possible to request it.
Contact our Customer Service immediately to change your order or to add products. If production or packaging have not been made yet, you are in time to edit the order.
If you have not made a payment for your order, don't worry, the order will not be processed. If you have already paid it and you need to cancel it, please contact our Customer Service immediately for more details about the cancellation procedure, if possible.
The paper invoice is always in the parcel. You can even download the invoices from your Orders Area or from My VerniciSpray. We upload all invoices online at the end of the month, if you need them urgently please contact our Customer Service.
If you have a problem with your order and want to return the products received, the first step is to contact our Customer Service; we will verify your problem and give you instructions for the return, if possible *, or for other alternatives. * As specified in our sales terms, the return is not possible for paints produced on demand.


Add the products to the cart, you can find the Estimated Estimated Shipping Costto calculate it. Shipping cost to UK starts from € 11.37+VAT. This cost can decrease, increase or reset, depending on the destination, weight and amount of the order.
You can choose the transport service with which your package will be sent.
  • DHL: Delivery in 2-3 working days
  • IMX int. Pack: Delivery in 5-7 working days
  • GLS express delivery: Delivery in 2-4 working days
We process on the same day all orders registered before 12:00, often even later. You will receive an email notification of shipment when your package will be in the hands of the courier. Then, the delivery time depends on the courier chosen during the purchase. Anyway, if you choose DHL express delivery, your order can be delivered even in 3 working days!
If your parcel has not yet been sent (you can check the order status in My VerniciSpray area), you can request the modification of the shipping data contacting our Customer Service.
When your parcel has been shipped, you receive an email. From this moment you can check the delivery status in the section of your Orders on the site or in My VerniciSpray area, where you will find the tracking number of the shipment and you can click to follow the updates of the delivery of your parcel.
Of course! During the purchase procedure you can enter a shipping address different from the one used in the account registration. The account data will be used to issue an invoice.
Of course! If you choose delivery with DHL you can collect your parcel at a DHL point: just write it in the notes of your order during purchase procedure. You can contact our Customer Service to discover what is the nearest DHL point.
If at the time of delivery you are not at home, the courier can leave you a notice, send you an email or he will makes a second delivery attempt the next day. Anyway, you can agree with them or with us to plan another delivery attempt. For any problem in delivery, you can also contact our Customer Service directly, we will contact the courier for you!
You can pick up our products only at our headquarters in Empoli (Florence) in Italy, we don't have other offices.
We can ship to all countries of the European Union. We cannot ship to Switzerland, Faroe Islands, Azores islands and Madeira, Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, French overseas.


The colour code is written on a metal plate or on a label inside the car. The plate can be placed in different areas according to make and model. Visit our Car Makes page to see where the plate is situated.
The colour code is composed of letters and numbers, often not easy to understand. If you have found many labels but cannot identify the correct one, send us a photo of the labels found at info@vernicispray.co.uk, specifying even car model and year. We help you identify the paint you need!
The choice depends on the size of the repair and your manual skills. For small spot repairs (small scratches, small point with damaged paint, fine scratches), we recommend using the paint in pot with a brush or microbrushes. For bigger repairs, we recommend paint in spraycan. Remember that if you use the spray, you will have to blend the edges of the repair to prevent gaps between old and new paint.
If the color plate has been removed, contact our Customer Service. The search with car year and model is not always accurate, but we can try to help you! Alternatively, you can also contact directly a car dealer to get your code. Then contact us, we will help you identify your paint for sure!
For metallic colors you also have to apply the gloss clear coat on the paint: Double coat paints need a gloss clear coat that "completes" the color and protects the paint. Without applyng the clear coat, the paint will be matt and different from the original colour of your car.
In both kit the paint is the same, what changes is the clear coat. In the professional kit the clear coat is a professional 2k (two-component, include hardener), glosser and more resistant, but it must be activated at the time of use and used within 1-2 days. In the starter kit, the clear coat is 1k (one-component), so it is reusable.
There is no precise indication of time to follow. The clear coat must be applied on the paint when it has lost the wet effect (in the case of metallic colors it when it becomes matt). With a temperature of about 20C, you can consider an interval of about 15-20 minutes. The same criteria can be used also to apply the second coat of paint.
Activate the spraycan only at the moment of use. Removed the red button from the cap of the spraycan, inserted it in the stem on the bottom and shaked very well for some minutes. From this moment you have 24 hours to use it. Keep it in a cool place to prevent catalysis acceleration.
With a 400 ml spray, you can paint about 1 square meter, applying two coats.
Your color code may not be on the webif it is a colour of an old car model or a new one. In any case, VerniciSpray can produce all car colours, contact our Customer Service to buy it.
The Ford color code is in the penultimate box on the left of the plate: this code must be matched with car year and model to identify the paint. You can send a photo of your plate to info@vernicispray.co.uk, specifying the model and year of your Ford car.
If you know the colour name of your Ford (for example, Moondust Silver Met.) and find it on our site, you can buy it without any doubt: if you find more products with different color codes (for example, 2431C - XSC2431 - ZJNC - 61) but they have the same color name (for example, Moondust Silver Met.), you can buy any one among those ones without problems!
Primer is necessary when you paint on unpainted materials that give adhesion problems, such as bare metals or unpainted plastics.
N.B. If you apply an undercoat, we always suggest, if possible, to choose it in a similar color to the following paint: it will allow you to get better coverage when you paint and thus save on the paint itself.
Of course! We can produce any amount of paint you need, even in kg.
To obtain a device contact our Customer Service.


Our Customer Service is always at your disposal:
  • Telephone: + 39 0571 530262 (MON-FRI 8 am to 1 pm / 2 pm to 7 pm)
  • Email: info@vernicispray.co.uk
  • Chat on the website: You can leave a message even when the chat is not on