Tutorial - Painting the rims with a spray paint can

Give a new look to your car rims with our spray paints

In this video tutorial, with the help of the expert coachbuilder and youtuber Flavio Tuttofare, we will explain how to use VerniciSpray products to custom your wheels or to restore brilliance to your old alloy wheels or your wheel covers, with clear and simple steps but with professional results.

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Repairing and spray painting of an alloy wheel or wheel cover

Products used:

Tips and Warnings

Never forget to protect the eyes, respiratory tract and hands when you use aerosol products and solvents that could create allergic or irritating reactions. Always work in well ventilated areas.
Shake the spray cans well before use for a few minutes and between coats.
Shake again for a few seconds during painting to maintain homogeneity of the compound and a good pressure.
Never paint on hot surfaces.

In his first video, Flavio shows all the steps to restore old alloy wheels, which are still in excellent condition despite the use of the car.

Step 1 - Rim sanding

We start by sanding the car rims with sandpaper (600 grit approximately) or scotch brite, to remove all small imperfections from the surface and allow a good adhesion of the new paint.

Step 2 - Rims cleaning and degreasing

Now we need to clean the rims to be painted with an antisilicone cleaner like our NextClean, to remove all dirt, grease and silicone residues from the surface.

Step 3 - Application of the primer

In the first video, there are no deep scratches or scratches, so it is not necessary to apply a primer, but it could be recommended, because a 1k spray primer helps to remove even the smallest imperfections and prepares the surface so that the paint will better grip the rims surface. While, in the second video, there are some too deep scratches: those must be filled with putty with spatula and then the same 1k filler primer spray must be applied to get a smooth and uniform surface perfect to be painted.

Step 4 - Rims painting

Finally we can apply our special spray paint for rims NextRims, available in a wide range of colours.

It is a 2k spray paint (that is, two-component) to be activated before use. When you activate the spraycan, paint and hardener inside begin the reaction allowing the use in the next 24-48 hours: once this time is over, the product will dry within the can if not used.

Two coats of spray paint and that's it: car wheels like new with little expense.

Resistance test of spray painted wheel cover

Flavio Tuttofare paints a wheel cover: it is a similar process to the previous video but with more detailed steps and includes some stress tests to demonstrate the resistance of our paint.

Alloy wheels and wheel covers are subject to considerable abrasions and scratches, including the deep cleaning with a pressure lance for example, so to use use resistant and quality paints is essential.

Stone test: Passed

High pressure washer test: Passed

Car Wrapping - How to custom alloy wheels with removable spray vinyl film

Products used:

A solution to custom your car rims non-permanently is to apply spray vinyl like our NextDip Spray Removable Rubber Paint. In this tutorial Flavio does it by transforming his Fiat Panda into a Racing car, with little effort.

It shows how to remove that vinyl film as well and performs some resistance tests with the high pressure cleaning lance. With this spray vinyl it is possible to change the color of the rims, wheel covers or any other part of the car.

Panda Racing: WOW

High pressure washer test: Passed