Tutorial - How to paint with Spray Cans

The 10 most common mistakes to be avoided using a spray paint can

In this video tutorial, with the help of the expert coachbuilder and youtuber Flavio Tuttofare, we will explain how to use a spraycan in the best way, avoiding some common mistakes. To get the best performance, it is important to use spray paint cans in the good way: for example, we must consider inclination, distance, temperature, humidity.

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Tips and Warnings

Never forget to protect the eyes, respiratory tract and hands when you use aerosol products and solvents that could create allergic or irritating reactions. Always work in well ventilated areas.
Shake the spray cans well before use for a few minutes and between coats.
Shake again for a few seconds during painting to maintain homogeneity of the compound and a good pressure.
Never paint on hot surfaces.

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Varnish with 1K clear coat (one-component)

Tutorial on how to use our K300 metallic and clear coatings

Advice no. 1

Always avoid spraying too much product all at once not to create dripping: it is always advisable to apply more thin coats. Those annoying paint drips could ruin a job, but don't worry, there's a remedy for everything, Flavio's word.

Advice no. 2

A bad and hurried masking often causes a bad final result, especially in car touch up where it is always essential to wrap a larger area than the surface to be painted: the paint must not be sprayed on the masking tape so as not to create a marked edge that would make the repair too visible.

Advice no. 3

A bad or lack of cleaning could cause a not uniform painting, the paint may not adhere well in the whole surface. Always clean and degrease all car body parts before painting, preferably with anti-silicone degreaser.

Advice no. 4

Don?t use the spray can too close or too far from the surface: you have to keep a distance of about 20 cm to get a homogeneous jet.

Advice no. 5

You should never paint on drips or other painting problems with the hope to hide them all. Better let it dry and sand, eliminating the painting imperfection and then proceed again applying another coat of paint or other product. 4 total coats including paint and clear coat will be enough.

Advice no. 6

Don?t touch the paint or clear coat before their complete drying, you could cause smudges leaving your fingerprints on the bodywork.

Advice no. 7

Always prefer good quality products than cheap products by unknown brands or beyond their expiration date. Paints can deteriorate over time and the spraycan could lose pressure.

Advice no. 8

Be careful not to incline the spray can too much or even turning it upside down: the right position is vertical with the cap up. We recommend using our spraycan handle to help you with difficult surfaces in this sense, such as the car roof for example, to try to keep the spray as vertical as possible.

Advice no. 9

Never use dirty caps: it can compromise the good diffusion of the spray paint and the homogeneous application of the colour. To store the can for later use, it is recommendable, once used, to turn it upside down and spray until air comes out to clean the spray nozzle well. The caps, on the other hand, can be removed and immersed in solvent to clean thew well and keep them in reserve for future painting works.

Advice no. 10

Absolutely never pierce the spraycans when they are still under pressure or use them near sources of heat or flame. Even when they have lost pressure it could still be very dangerous to tamper with them, we advise against other uses than those intended.

Something more to add:

Spray paints should be used in environments with good temperatures, neither too cold nor too hot, not too humid, nor too dry. Avoid dusty places: wetting the ground where you paint is a good trick for example.

Dark paints or some colours have a higher covering power than others, so the number of coats to be applied may be different.

Guarantee, quality and customer care

For our Car Paints line, we guarantee that the paint inside the can will the same colour as your car upon leaving the factory: over time, sun, heat, cold, the original colour may slightly alter and therefore be different from that inside the can. We certainly don't like this, we always try to give our best but unfortunately we have to follow the original color composition, in these cases try to blend the reparation so that the difference won't be visible.

While, if the difference is to big, don't hesitate to contact us, we are always available to investigate a problem and try to solve it as best as possible.