Solvents and Technical Cleaners

  • Solvent to the nitro antifog ml 500

    Solvent to the nitro antifog ml 500

    Nitro thinner with a strong cutting power for nitro, nitro-synthetic and synthetics paints at quck drying.

    ml 500

    from 5.60 €without VAT
  • Antisilicone Cleaner

    Antisilicone Cleaner

    The necessary cleaner to prepare surfaces for painting: removes all the traces of silicone that are often on the bodywork

    lt 1

    from 14.90 €without VAT
  • NextClean Anti-silicone Cleaner Spray

    NextClean Anti-silicone Cleaner Spray

    Anti-silicone solvent spray for cleaning and degreasing of surfaces to be painted

    ml  300

    from 7.20 €without VAT
  • Antisilicone cloth

    Antisilicone cloth

    Cloth for anti-silicone cleaner: ideal for cleaning the surface with antisilicone cleaner and preparing it for painting

    Pc 1

    from 0.95 €without VAT

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