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On VerniciSpray you will find everything for a professional Car Touch Up like at the body shop: Bodywork Touch Up Spray Paint in the original color of your car, High Glossy two-component clear coats, Primer, Primers, 2k or 1k spray putty

Your Spray Paints in one click! Car paints, RAL paint also in two-component spray paint, Phosphorescent and Reflective Paint - Affordable prices and 48H delivery

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Custom Car paints for every car model and Professional Clear Coats

  • Professional Automotive Touch Up Kit spray Metallic Paint and 2k high gloss clear coat
    Professional Car Touch Up Kit

    The highest quality Kit to repair scratches on bodywork, to renovate your car paint with excellent colour match. Includes one spray paint in manufacturer colour and one professional 2K High Gloss Clear Coat

    from 39.03 €without VAT
    Everything for car body touch up
  • Car Custom spray Paint Direct Gloss colours
    Car Custom spray Paint in solid colours

    Direct Gloss Paint in spray for touch up. All solid colours (not metallic) for every car model. To repair scratches on bodywork and small parts

    from 13.30 €without VAT
    Automotive Spray Paints
  • Car Custom Paint: pastel colours in pot
    Car Custom Paint in pot

    Bodywork Touch up Paint in pot 100 ml. Direct gloss colours to use with our Spray Gun, air gun or brush.

    from 9.73 €without VAT
    Car Custom Paints in pot
  • Basic Automotive Touch Up Kit spray
    Car Touch Up Kit Spray Metallic Paint and Clear Coat 1K

    Kit for DIY car paint scratch repair, good for medium or small repairs. Includes: one spray paint in factory matched pearl/metallic color and one 1K gloss Clear Coat spray

    from 25.43 €without VAT
    Car Touch Up products
  • 2k Car Spray Paint
    Spray Polyurethane Car Paint

    Polyurethane car paint in spray can produced in all non-metallic car colours. Maximum resistance and brilliance with a single product, thanks to the 2k paint

    from 26.20 €without VAT
    2k Car Spray Paints
  • Protective Gloss Spray 1K Lacquer
    Automotive Gloss Clear Coat 1k

    Choose this spray clear coat if you are searching for a high performance 1k gloss clear coat. No yellowing guaranteed.

    from 9.60 €without VAT
    1K Spray Clear Coat
  • NextClear - High Gloss 2k Clear Coat High Solid in spray ml 400
    NextClear - 2k Spray High Gloss Clear Coat

    Professional 2K clear coat, high solid and high gloss properties. Maximum brilliance and resistance on every surface, perfect as top coat on custom car paints. Activation at the moment of use

    from 24.90 €without VAT
    2K Spray Clear Top Coat
  • Matt 2K Lacquer in spray can ml 400
    NextClear - 2K Matt Clear Coat in spray

    Two-component high solid Clear Coat with high degree of opacity, resistance to scratches, petrol and aging. Ideal for carbody matt surface like bumpers and rims or for motorbikes. Activation before using

    from 28.15 €without VAT
    2K Spray Clear Coats

All RAL colors in spray and can. RAL paints always available gloss and matt finish

  • 2k polyurethane Paint matt RAL colours in spray
    2k Polyurethane Spray Paint matt RAL colours

    A 2k paint to be activated at the moment of use, available in all matt RAL colours. The paint with the best resistance ideal for automotive, DIY and boating.

    from 24.20 €without VAT
    2k Spray Paints in every RAL colour, gloss or matt
  • 2k polyurethane Paint gloss RAL colours in spray
    2k Polyurethane Paint in all gloss RAL colours spraycan

    Spray polyurethane 2K paint to be activated at the moment of use. Available in Gloss RAL colours, composition with the maximum resistance and gloss grade

    from 24.20 €without VAT
    Polyurethane 2K Paints in RAL colours in spraycan
  • Matt Nitro paint in RAL colours in spraycan
    Matt Nitro Spray Paint in all RAL colours

    Matt Nitro paint in spraycan, available in all RAL colours, best resistance, coverage and fast drying. Always available

    from 13.70 €without VAT
    RAL Aerosol Nitro Spray Paints
  • NextAcril - Acrylic Spray Paint Gloss RAL colours
    NextAcril - Acrylic Spray Paint Gloss RAL colours

    1K acrylic paint with high level of gloss and excellent anchoring power on plastics, without a primer, even the most difficult PVC and PP. Available in all RAL colours

    from 12.50 €without VAT
    RAL colour Acrylic Spray Paints

Car Rims spray paint and Fender colors for guitars

  • NextRims Extra Resistant Rims Paint
    NextRims 2k Spray Paint for Rims High resistance

    The best rims paint: the highest resistance in a handy spraycan thanks to its polyurethane composition. Ideal for car rims and motorbikes. Gloss or matt colours, even metallic direct gloss

    from 22.00 €without VAT
    Car Rims Paint in spraycan
  • Nitro Paint for Guitar Fender
    Fender nitro finish Paint for Guitar spray

    Spray paint for a perfect finish nitrocellulose guitar paint, ideal for many musical instruments such as guitars or basses. All Fender colours available, also metallic effect

    from 16.00 €without VAT
    Nitro Paints in Fender colours
  • Fender polyurethane finish 2k guitar paint
    NextGuitars 2k Spray Polyurethane Guitar Paint

    Fender polyurethane finish in 2k spray can, for the best resistance and the highest colours brilliance. Polyurethane guitar paint only in solid Fender colours (not metallic effect)

    from 22.00 €without VAT
    Fender Colours in spray can also 2k
  • Gloss Nitro paint in RAL colours in spraycan
    Gloss Nitro Spray Paint in every RAL colour

    Gloss Nitro paint in spraycan, available in all RAL colours, best resistance, coverage, brilliance and fast drying. Always available

    from 14.30 €without VAT
    Nitro Spray Paints

Spatula Fillers, 1k and 2k Primers for metal and plastic

  • Automotive Primer Spray anti-rust
    NextPrimer - Automotive Primer Spray

    Spray primer for car body with excellent anchoring power also on aluminium and galvanized sheet. Available in many RAL colours to let you choose an undercoat similar to the next paint

    from 9.50 €without VAT
    Primers and Undercoats Spray
  • Spray primer for plastic
    NextGrip Plastic Primer Spray

    VerniciSpray Plastic primer especially formulated for the highest plastic adhesion even on the most difficult plastics (PET and PVC) and on many automotive plastics (bumper, mirrors...)

    from 10.80 €without VAT
    Primer Spray for professional results
  • Universal Body Filler 2k in tin
    Two-component Stucco in tin for Metals and Fiberglass

    Universal polyester filler for spatula application. Hardener included, yellow colour. Filler putty also suitable for light alloys, galvanized steel and old paints

    from 7.20 €without VAT
    2k Primers and Stuccos
  • 2k Spray Epoxy Primer
    2k Spray Epoxy Primer Filler

    2K Epoxy Primer in aerosol to be activated at the moment of use: high professional product in a very easy to use format. Formulated to guarantee adhesion on aluminum, metal, non-ferrous metal, galvanized sheet plate, iron and light alloys

    from 22.90 €without VAT
    2k Epoxy Primers in Spray
  • 2k Filler for plastic, carbon and glass fiber
    2k Filler for plastic, carbon and glass fiber

    Two-component Filler to be catalyzed. Formulated for rigid and semirigid plastic and for carbon and glass fiber. Very easy to be applied and sanded

    from 16.70 €without VAT
    2k Fillers for Plastic, Carbon and Glass Fiber
  • Polyester flexible filler
    Flexibel - 2k flexible filler in tin by Hagmans StalPlast

    Two-component polyester filler flexible, easy to sand, and with extremely good adhesion. Ideal for small repairs on cars, caravans and boats. Perfect with semirigid and rigid plastic, but even iron, ceramics, stone, steel, wood.

    from 14.80 €without VAT
    Professional spatula fillers for DIY
  • kit Japanese Spatulas for Stucco. 4 pieces
    kit Japanese Spatulas for Stucco. 4 pieces

    Metallic spatulas with plastic edge for stucco. Set 4 PCS: 1x50 1x80 1x100 1x120 mm

    from 3.80 €without VAT
    2k Primers and Stuccos
  • Polyester Filler paste with glass fibers
    Polyester Filler paste with glass fibers

    2k filler paste based on polyester resins to reconstruct missing or strongly damaged parts. Ideal to fix car bodywork parts and to fill holes thanks to the glass fibres. Good even for nautical use

    from 7.90 €without VAT
    2k Fillers with Glass Fibres

Many accessories to support your spray painting with professional results

  • Aerosol spray handle
    Aerosol can gun

    Ergonomic aerosol spray handle. Guaranteed by VerniciSpray to nebulize the paint better and more comfortably. Ideal to avoid drops due to incorrect finger placement when pressing

    from 5.90 €without VAT
    Accessories for Car Touch Up
  • Kit accessories for car touch up with spraycan
    Accessories Set: a complete car paint repair kit with spraycan

    A complete and affordable kit with all the accessories to touch up your car bodywork with spraycan or spray paint parts like side mirrors and moldings. Just add the spray paint to get everything you need

    from 19.20 €without VAT
    All the accessories for best painting
  • Antisilicone solvent in spray can
    Solvent Cleaner Spray Antisilicone

    Anti-silicone solvent spray for cleaning and degreasing of surfaces to be painted

    from 7.20 €without VAT
    Degreasers and solvents to prepare surfaces for painting
  • Harmonizing for shades for auto retouching
    NextBlend Spray Spot Blender

    Special spot blender formulated to get a homogenous paint transitions during repair paint jobs. Perfect for a good brilliance of little car spot repairs

    from 7.50 €without VAT
    Solvents and Car paint cleaners

Everything for Car Valeting, Bodywork Polishing and Maintenance

  • Fine Grit Car Abrasive Paste
    Fine Grit Car Abrasive Paste CORCOS

    Medium-fine bodywork abrasive paste. Perfect for removing minor scratches and polishing car bodywork. Recommended for polishing brush car touch-ups.

    from 7.90 €without VAT
    Abrasive and polishing products for bodywork
  • Liquid Polishing compound CORCOS Strong
    Car polish and scratch remover CORCOS Coarse-grained

    Water-base liquid compound, excellent car polish for scratches, suitable for sanding marks and car parts heavily scratched

    from 14.10 €without VAT
    Car Polishing compounds
  • Polishing compound high protection for dark cars
    Protective and Polishing Compound for dark cars

    Polishing compound formulated for darks cars, for a good protection and high brilliance of body. Ideal even to polish fiberglass, gelcoat, stainless steel and chrome surfaces

    from 9.55 €without VAT
    Everything to polish car bodywork
  • MULTI BRILL RIWAX Cleaner Reviver Preservative for rubber and plastic
    MULTI BRILL RIWAX - Vinyl, plastic and rubber Reviver and Protector

    Cleaner, reviver and preservative all in one for car rubber and plastic. A product by RIWAX, ideal for blackening car tyres, exterior mirrors, bumpers but even for interiors (dashboards, car seats leatherette, rubber floor mats...)

    from 14.20 €without VAT
    The best products for vehicle maintenance