No Edge Blending Tape for automotive painting 5 metres

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No Edge Blending Tape is a special foam masking tape that allows perfect painting without hard paint lines and lets you achieve a seamless transition from old to new paintwork, saving time in the correction of paint defects.
It is ideal for masking car door jambs, bonnet and bumper, trunk and side panels or body curves. In this way it is possible to avoid any gaps between the old and the new paint, which is very important when we make a touch up, because when the limits of the repair are marked, the retouch becomes very visible in the body, this is the main cause of unsuccessful work.
How it works: the tape is adhesive only in the central part and spongy on the sides, so the paint can pass through in part, but not completely, this creates the effect of the fading. In this way you can get a seamless blending of new paint work into old.

A great help in automotive touch up: the hard paint edges are the most common reason for a bad paintwork, so this foam masking tape if used correctly could become a great help to mask the parts to be painted but we insist on being careful and never use it as the final delimitation of the touch up. In fact, even if it is a foam tape and not a normal adhesive tape, it is recommended to always put it a little far from the paint reparation to be done, in order to obtain also the natural blending of the paint (especially when we talk of the paint colour and not clear coat). In case of clear coats (or lacquers) there is less risk of creating a marked gap and this No Edge Blending Tape can also be put as the final line of the touch up.

No Edge Blending Masking Tape is resistant to a temperature of 110 ° C, also usable with infrared dryer.

Soft Edge Foam Masking Tape for automotive touch up   5 metres 5 metres
5 metres

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Valid until: 30-09-2020

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Finish : 5 metres Foam Masking Tape

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