Touch Up brushes in fine vajo kazan hair, different sizes - Car Touch up Brush size 4

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Car touch-up brushes perfect for long and fine scratches and paint stone chips: thanks to brush application you will be able to paint only the scratch, without painting the surrounding parts. It is essential to paint with the brush only when the part to be repaired is a small point with damaged paint, or is a micro-scratch: painting larger areas with a brush makes the reparation too visible, because the paint can never be spread well as when you spray paint, in those case we recommend the use of spraycan. When you have to repair narrow and long scratches on the car bodywork, the brush is a perfect tool to join with our car touch-up paint in pot produced in all car manufacturing colours: it has the precision of a touch-up pen with the advantage of paint with the correct car colour thanks to VerniciSpray paint, since the common touch up paint pens can not guarantee this precision because they are produced in stock and don't have a univocal correspondence between the item and the colour code.
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These are specific high quality brushes for car body repair:

  • Short handle Total length of about 17 cm excluding bristles. Allows a good handling to reach all areas.
  • Round tip of Vajo Kazan hair One of the most precious for capillarity and softness.
  • Reusables Once washed, they can be used several times.

In bulk

Car Touch Up Brush in more sizes   Car Touch up Brush size 4 Car Touch up Brush size 4
Car Touch up Brush size 4

Unit price: EUR4.50
VAT included: EUR5.49
Valid until: 30-09-2020


Finish : Size 4

Technical Details

pzz :1 o 4

Technical Details and Useful suggests : Available in 4 sizes, choose yours:

  • size 0 Specific for paint stone chips. Alternately, you can also choose our disposable micro brushes, suitable for small touch up.
  • size 2 A little thicker than size 0, also in this case it is recommended for very small repairs (about 1 mm height of scratch and diameter of chips).
  • size 4 Recommended when the scratch height is 2-3 millimeters.
  • size 6 With the largest size you can repair scratches until half a centimeter. According to our experience, it is the maximum size to be touched up with brush without creating a too visible repair on bodywork.
    You can even choose the complete paint brush touch up set, including one brush for each size, to have at your disposal the correct brush for each kind of repair and choose the right one at the moment of your spot repair work.

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