Ral 6003 olive green Matt Polyurethane Paint, 2k paint in can 250 gr

Can 250 gr

Matt Polyurethane Paint   Ral 6003  olive green Ral 6003  olive green

Ral 6003 olive green

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Product Description

The line NextRal includes all our 2k polyurethane paints that you can find as 2k paint in can or as 2k spraycan to be activated at the moment of use. Buy this matt Ral 6003 olive green polyurethane paint if you are looking for a 2k paint to apply by brush or with a gun (included our Preval Spray Gun). It is a professional paint, compared to 1k paints, the 2k paint is far more resistant to scratch, UV rays, chemicals and fuel, giving you both great hardness and good elasticity. Moreover, it ensures good colors with no yellowing. It is available in all matt RAL colours, or gloss.
PREPARATION: Use the measuring pot included in the package to mix paint and hardener in the indicated proportions. Always catalyze only the quantity of product necessary at the moment: once activated the catalysis, the paint must be used within about 2 hours (at 20°C). For spray application, dilute the mixture with polyurethane thinner (you can use our POLI60, not included in the package).
APPLICATION: Thoroughly clean the surface (better with antisilicone cleaner) before painting (sand slightly if you paint on old paint). Apply 3-4 coats (time between coats: 10 minutes). Especially when you use matt paints, it is essential to apply thin coats, otherwise if the product accumulates in excessive quantity it will tend to become glosser. The application of a protective clear coat is not necessary but if you want to apply it, please wait 1-2 hours (20°C).
Yield: 10-12 sqm/Kg.
For more information about drying times and catalysis see below Technical Details. NextRal is marked with "QUALITY EXTRA" brand, identifying all the paints produced and tested by VerniciSpray for the best performance.
The package includes:

  • polyurethane paint can 250 gr
  • catalyst (necessary quantity)
  • graduated plastic cup

Technical Details

pz: 1

Technical Details and Useful suggests:
Drying time (20°C,60% RH): dry dust free 10 min, dry to the touch 25 min, dry in depth 16-24 h.
Catalysis ratio:
100 ml of PAINT + 33 ml of HARDENER
For spray application: Dilution 20-30% with polyurethane thinner (not included).

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