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Paints RAL Nitro and Acrylic

Do you need a resistant paint, fast drying and resistant to petrol and chemicals? Choose a Nitro paint. While, if you need a more elastic paint, choose an Acrylic paint. VerniciSpray produces: Nitro paints NextNitro and Acrylic paints NextAcril, always available in all gloss RAL colours and matt RAL colours.

Note: NextNitro andNextAcril are marked "QUALITY EXTRA", because are produced by VerniciSpray with a special care, always available. NextNitro paints are suitable for painting of iron parts, industrial and agricultural machinery, automotive and motorbikes. NextAcril paints have a very good adhesion on plastic (even PVC, polypropylene, ABS, plexiglass).

RAL K7 Classic - Colour Fan Deck

RAL K7 Classic - Colour Fan Deck

Collection containing all 213 RAL CLASSIC colours, every page contains five colours which makes the fan deck very convenient and practical

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