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Professional 2K Bodywork Clear Coats

Are you looking for an excellent quality clearcoat that gives maximum brilliance/opacity and resistance to your car or moto bodywork? For a professional car touch up you can choose our lacquer spray NextClear gloss/matt or in a can from 100 gr.
2K clear coats provide an high quality finishing in terms of durability, chemical resistance and UV protection.

Note: Two-component clear coats 2K NextClear in spraycan or in pot are marked with the QUALITY EXTRA brand, produced by VerniciSpray with a special care.
Lacquer 2K must be mixed with the hardener only at the time of use.

SPRAY MAX - High Gloss 2K Lacquer ml 400

SPRAY MAX - High Gloss 2K Lacquer ml 400

High Quality 2K clear coat: two-component lacquer ready to be catalyzed. Ideal to give the maximum brilliance and resistance to double coat paints in car touch up

ml 400

€ 22,50 €without VAT
POLI60 - Polyurethane Thinner

POLI60 - Polyurethane Thinner

Polyurethane solvent specifically formulated for dilution of 2K lacquers, for polyurethane paints and paints in metallic colours

ml 60

€ 3,00 €without VAT