Nextcolor Spray Gun overcomes: NO MORE LIMITS, NO MORE OBSTACLES to the Spray Painting with this EASY-TO-USE System

The new PROFESSIONAL PORTABLE SPRAYER frees you from the heavy compressor and revolutions the Spray Painting

This innovative painting kit let you avoid the use of the compressor, because the Spray Gun guarantees the same result with a smaller equipment. IT IS TRUE! This system is composed of a few simple items, but it is able to solve the most problems relating to the spray painting for professionals, artisans, and modelling hobbiysts. Spray Gun Kit is fundamental in the DIY for example. A tool that can not miss in your tool set.


The packaging is composed of two items: the sprayer (power unit) that contains propellant and one measuring glass pot with 170 ml capacity. The dip tube, linked to the sprayer, draws the paint (or any other liquid) and the nebulizer micronizes the particles to be sprayed off RIGHT AS WITH A COMPRESSOR AIR PISTOL, ALWAYS IN YOUR GRASP: EASY TO USE AND CHEAP.
With 1 Sprayer you can spray up to 470 ml of paint.


NEXTCOLOR SPRAY GUN can be used for several purposes, especially for car touch up: it is an unique tool if you want to spray paint your car bodywork in a professional way. For example, with this Professional Portable Sprayer you can use easily our high quality Two–component (or 2k) Lacquers, which are very important in car touch up to protect the layers of paint below and indispensable if the paint below is metallic or pearly. The Spray Paint kit give you the advantage of preparing in the pot the mixture between the lacquer and its catalyst, and applying the sprayer at the top you are ready to begin your work. In this way you will save time and you will not waste any paint, beacause every time you can prepare only the quantity you need. After the use and the cleaning, the Spray Gun is ready to be used again in any way.


In fact you can spray any liquids:

  • Chemical products and Solvents
  • Cleaners and Detergents
  • Treated waters and Sanitizers
  • Fertilizers and Herbicides
  • Pesticides and Insecticides
  • Polish for plants and leaves

NEXTCOLOR SPRAY GUN will be the solution for you in many occasions: you can use it with any kind of paint, such as solvent– and water–based, or two-component varnish. Just dilute the paint as you would do with a air pistol. For the ratio of the quantities we advise to look at the instructions written on the datasheet of each product. Then mix and paint: when you have finished, you can close the pot thanks to its screw cap and store the paint for the next use. Make flow a normal solvent in the dip tube and the valve to clean them. To store your paint we have 170 ml Glass Pot with seal undercap and large mouth to mix the substances inside them more easily. To clean well the dip tube you can disassemble it. (Look at the next picture).


The dip tube is made off 3 items: the circular part at the bottom of the sprayer, the tube and the filter at the end of it. Every part is joint to each other with pressure so it is easy to disassemble. It is important because you can clean better the dip tube and the filter if you dip them into nitro solvent. Then if there is still some paint on them you can use a cloth soaked in nitro solvent.

Look at the picture on the left

Some General Advices:

Begin to spray paint 5–10 seconds after the dipping of the dip tube in the paint (or other liquid). If you have never used the Spray Gun, do a test on a piece of cardboard or on a scrap. The way of spray painting is the same as with a spray can: spray painting both in horizontal and vertical way on the surface to be painted, crossing the two directions, till you have an uniform coat.

If you have problems with the Spray Gun here are some possible reasons:
Pression decrease or bad nebulization of the liquid may be caused by a temperature decrease of the Spray Gun, this may happens if you spray paint in continue way with no stop. In this case just wait to make it go back to room temperature, if it does not work, envelop the sprayer in a warm towel to continue your work.
Make sure not to tip the tool beyond 45° or liquid will run out the air vent. Make sure that the filter at the end of the dip tube is not obstructed.

NOTE: Check if the propellant Sprayer is unloaded. (If you need Replacement)

Spray Paint always at 15–20 cm and at about 20°C