SPRAY MAX - High Gloss 2K Lacquer ml 400 Clear Gloss

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EAN: 8052131651783
Product code: SPRAYMAX-400-GLO
Cat.: Professional 2K Bodywork Clear Coats


This Two-component high gloss lacquer in 400 ml spraycan by SPRAY MAX, it is perfect to cover with a high quality lacquer every car paints, in particular the double coat paints. Thanks to its 400 ml format, it is perfect in case of medium and big car touch up and even to get the maximum resistance on motorbikes bodywork.
In fact this Lacquer has a high resistance to scratching, fuel, alcohol and other solvents, so it is ideal for car bodywork, motorbike frame and tank. Its resistance makes it a very useful product for dynamic models too, such as car or airplane models with internal combustion engine.
IMPORTANT: The 2K Spray Lacquer MUST BE ACTIVATED AT THE MOMENT OF USE. It is very easy, just follow our instructions (Mixture Length after the activation: about 48 hours at 20°C).
PREPARATION: The catalyst is contained into a capsule in the can so you have to activate the mixing between catalyst and lacquer. Remove the red push button from the cap and turn can 180°: put the push button on the pin in the can bottom and turn it with the cap upside down onto a stable base. Press the red trigger button until the limit. Now the lacquer has been activated, shake well again for 2 minutes and remember that you have about 48 hours to use the gloss lacquer (the potlife depends even on the ambient temperature).
APPLICATION: First of all, clean carefully the surface to remove any traces of dust and grease. Before beginning to use the lacquer, a spray painting test is recommended. Apply one or two coats of about 30 micron, waiting 10-15 minutes between the first and the second one.
If you spray paint the lacquer on surfaces that you have just painted, just wait until the previous coat is dry to the touch (about 10-20 minutes).
Coverage: 1-2 sqm for spraycan.
REMOVE WITH ACETONE AND/OR NITRO THINNER (before the complete drying).

2K Spray can 400 ml

Professional High Gloss 2K Clear Coat SPRAY MAX - High Quality Lacquer in spraycan   Clear Gloss Clear Gloss
Clear Gloss

Unit price: EUR22.50
VAT included: EUR27.45
Valid until: 30-09-2020


Finish : Clear Gloss

Technical Details

ml :400

Technical Details and Useful suggests : You will find the detailed instructions for the activation and use of this Two-Component Lacquer on its package.
Fields of Application:
- Car Paints (bodywork)
- Motorbike Paints (frame and tank)
- Modelling, even dinamic

Drying Time at 20°C: 12 hours

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