Car Touch up Paint Pen for BMW 3 SERIES direct gloss colour 300 ALPINWEISS III

Touch up paint Pen direct gloss BMW 300 ALPINWEISS III

Pen 10 ml

Car Touch up Paint Pen BMW 3 SERIES 300 ALPINWEISS III


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Available in different formats 300 ALPINWEISS III

Product Description

Car touch up paint pen for scratches. Thanks to the handy car pen for scratches, now you have an easy solution to touch up your paint job on your car. Even in this format, we still maintain the VerniciSpray quality: the marker contains professional car paint produced for this article in solid colours for BMW 3 SERIES.
It is a direct gloss paint with good resistance to scratching and also to substances such as petrol and solvents: it can be polished with abrasive pastes after a few days from application.
Our BMW touch up pen allows you to repair only the scratch area without affecting other parts in good conditions. The car touch up paint pen is recommended only in case of small and thin scratches or gravel chips, a typical effect created by the impact of small stones on the bodywork. For greater damage, the spray application is always better: only with spraycan or aerosol paint you can get a paint finish that can be compared to the original one.
How to use: For a perfect auto touch-up, clean the surface before painting, we recommend an antisilicone cleaner or alternatively degreasing soap (as for dishes) first and then alcohol. Always shake the car touch up pen thoroughly with cap on before and during use. Never prime it on the car, but do a test on a sheet of paper by pressing the tip to let the color come out, when the stroke is uniform it can be applied on the bodywork. Apply on the scratch trying to stay inside its edges and repeat the application at least once the next day to get the good coverage. Small color differences are possible. After about 5-6 days, you can apply the abrasive paste, it will help you to make the area more uniform and glosser.

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Car Make: BMW, Car Model: 3 SERIES


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