Tuning Color Fluorescent Ral 2007 Fluorescent orange

Tuning Color Fluorescent Ral 2007 Fluorescent orange

Spray can 400 ml

Tuning Color Fluorescent Ral 2007 Fluorescent orange

Ral 2007 Fluorescent orange

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Product Description

100% pure acrylic enamel, with an high fluorescent power, excellent covering, not yellowing, with an high content of fluorescent pure pigments which resist to light and to visibility. Suitable to decorate all surfaces and objects in wood, stone, gypsum, metal, wicker, glass, carton, PVC, either for inside and outside work. To have a better result, we recommend to apply it on light surfaces. For external use, afterwards protect the enamel with an acrylic varnish.

Technical Details

ml: 400

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