Glass R - Polyester Filler paste reinforced with glass fibres

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EAN: 8052131638029
Product code: GLASS-R
Cat.: Putty and filler for metals plastic carbon in pot or tube


Glass R is a Two-pack Filler paste for the reconstruction of missing or strongly damaged parts of car bodywork. This is a two-pack filler paste based on unsaturated polyester resins with added special glass fibres which give to the mass high mechanical features, surface hardness, adhesive properties and resistance to water. These features allow to reconstruct missing or strongly damaged small parts of the car body and to fill holes thanks to the bridges of fibers that are formed above the empty points. And it is also suitable for nautical use. The package contains the filler paste in tin and the hardener in tube.
PREPARATION: To use the filler, add the hardener according to the room temperature. Ratio of hardener weight to the Filler:
- up to 10°C: 3 to 100
- between 10 and 20°C: 2 to 100
- over 20°C: 1 to 100
Stir thoroughly the two components up to get an homogeneous paste.

SUITABLE SURFACES: This two-component filler is suitable for steel, cast iron, aged car paints and fiberglass free of detaching agents. While, aluminium, light alloys, zinc plated steel and surfaces with bad adhesion must be previously treated with a non phenolic or acid cured adhesion primer.
APPLICATION: First of all do not forget that the surface to be filled must be dry, clean, free of dust or grease, and made rough by sanding. The rust must be removed as much as possible.
The polyester two-pack filler, once catalyzed, can be applied pressing down the spatula in order to have the best adhesion and using the long glass fibers to restore the lacking parts or to clog the holes.
After 30-40 minutes it can be levelled with an abrasive disc or with the rotate-orbital sander using sandpaper P60-P80 grit. Then, if necessary, repeat application with a non reinforced polyester filler or and it can be recoated with other putties and with any type of finishing product.
Avoid to apply when temperature is below 10°C (50°F.)
The standard finish of this filler in paste is kaki green.

Can with catalyst

Two-pack Filler paste reinforced with glass fibers   Standard Standard

Unit price: EUR7.50
VAT included: EUR9.15
Valid until: 30-09-2020


Technical Details

gr :192

Technical Details and Useful suggests : Technical data
Colour: kaki green
Binder: unsaturated polyester resin
Curing Ratio: 100 parts of Filler + from 1 to 3 parts of hardener
Complete polymerization at 20°C (68°F.): after 3 hours
Sandability at 20°C (68°F.): after 40 minutes on medium thickness
Storage life at 20°C (68°F.): 12 months in original sealed container, away from light

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