Flexibel - 2k flexible filler in tin by Hagmans StalPlast

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EAN: 8052131652308
Product code: FLE11020B
Cat.: Putty and filler for metals plastic carbon in pot or tube


Stalplast Flexibel is a two-component polyester filler, in which the filling material is designed to give a very homogenous filler, which is still flexible, easy to sand, and with extremely good adhesion. The filler withstands stove-enamelling without losing its strength and elasticity.

This filler can be used in the repair of damage to sheet-metal on cars and caravans, on certain types of damage to boats, for bonding and repairing iron, ceramics, stone, steel, wood etc.
It has excellent adhesion to most types of semirigid to rigid plastic.
Directions for Use: The filler should only be used on dry and thoroughly cleaned surfaces. Sand the repair surface with sandpaper before application, and remove rust, if present. Oil and grease should be removed with thinners. Stalplast Flexibel comp. A must be thoroughly mixed with 2-3% hardener comp. B on, for example, a sheet of glass or a wooden board. Do not mix more at one time than can be used within 4-5 minutes. Apply with a metal or rubber putty knife. The best working temperature is +20°C, this gives a working time of 4 minutes, and the hardening time approx. 15 minutes. Clean the working tools after use with ethyl acetate or thinners. After approx. 15-20 minutes, Stalplast Flexibel, is ready for sanding, if required. The cured plastic can be levelled using an abrasiv file or coarse sandpaper.

Can with catalyst

Hagmans StalPlast Flexibel - Polyester flexible filler   Standard Standard

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VAT included: EUR18.06


Technical Details

ml  :180

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