NextReflect Reflective Paint - Silver finish 250 gr

Reflective Paint and Pigment in powder


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Product Description

NEXTREFLECT Silver is a Reflective Paint in silver finish produced with the best reflective pigment, selected among the range available in the world market.
The paint in the light is semi-transparent greyish, but when a beam of light in the dark hits it, the reflective surface reflects the light back to its source: that is the retroreflectivity effect. In this way, when an object is painted with reflective paint, it becomes more visible in the dark when it is lighted with a beam.
Application Fields: The Retroreflectivity is very important in the field of safety. For example, reflective surfaces can be useful to warn of an obstacle in not much lighted places, to paint signs on clothes to make more visible people if they have to stay in dark areas, for the bike to make it more visible to the drivers, for road safety or for signals in general. The possibility to get the Retroreflectivity using a reflective paint, lets have more freedom in the application, in fact it can be applied on every kind of surface. And the reflective surface has even a longer life than other reflective products such as tapes, because the result will be like an usual painted surface. The application of the reflective paint can be with brush or spraying. In this case you can try our Spray Gun, the Professional Portable Sprayer.
Composition:: The Silver Reflective Paint is acrylic and solvent based. Inside the paint the reflective pigment is composed of glass beads with 95% roundess and a Refractive index of 2,2 Nd. The glass beads inside the Silver Reflective Paint guarantee the highest performance in light refraction because they are even aluminium coated. The grain size of the reflective pigment contained in the paint is about 35-50 micron, so it is very fine and the painted surfaces are smooth enough.

High resistance and high gripping power: you can get Retroreflectivity on every normal surface, included most plastic materials.

INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE: Plyurethane Thinner to dilute the Reflective Paint. Useful for spray application. We suggest a dilution ratio in weight of 10-30 (thinner) to 100 (paint). And a small measuring glass.

Technical Details

gr: 250

Technical Details and Useful suggests

Technical Details and Useful suggests: Silver Reflective Paint composition and properties:

- Base: Acrylic, solvent
- Pigment: 35 - 50 micron (contains aluminium coated glass beads)
- Glass beads roundness: 95%
- Refractive Index: 2,2 Nd

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