NextNitro - Nitro Paint in Gloss RAL colours in can 250 gr Ral 9006 white aluminium

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EAN: 8052131649582
Product code: NNBL9006
Cat.: Paints RAL Nitro and Acrylic


NextNitro produced by VerniciSpray is indicated for who wants high quality paints and want to choose among all the RAL colours. A nitro paint is cannot be compared with acrylic paints: with gloss nitro paints, you have the best resistance to scratches and bumps thanks to their hardness and you get even the best coverage. NextNitro is particularly suitable for the painting of iron parts, industrial and agricultural machinery, automotive, motorbikes. Thanks to their resistance to petrol and chemicals, nitro paints are perfect for modeling, because in this case the resistance to fuel is very important.
Application: The application of nitro paint, in can of 250 grams, can be done either by brush or spray. For spray application you can use also our Spray Gun, easy to use, very useful to nebulize any type of paint or liquid. Apply 2-3 crossed coats of paint (dilution approximately 50% with nitro thinner) with an interval of 5-10 minutes (always evaluate according to the conditions of painting). After 6-8 hours the paint will be dried in depth and can be polished with our CROMAR polishing rubbing compound to get a higher brilliance (or with some other products for car exterior valeting), for more information about drying times see the Technical Details below.
VerniciSpray produces nitro paints in cans in all the RAL colours with gloss finish (and even every matt RAL colour) that you can find in the Colour Fan Deck RAL K7: all the colours are always availabe.
Coverage of one can: 2-2,5 sqm (8-10 sqm/kg).
The line NextNitro is marked with the QUALITY EXTRA brand, produced by VerniciSpray with a special care. PAINT REMOVAL WITH ACETONE AND/OR NITRO THINNER

Can 250 gr

Nitro Coating in all the gloss RAL colours in cans   Ral 9006  white aluminium Ral 9006  white aluminium
Ral 9006 white aluminium

Unit price: EUR16.50
VAT included: EUR20.13
Valid until: 30-09-2020


Finish : Ral 9006 white aluminium

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Technical Details

gr :250

Technical Details and Useful suggests : DILUTION:
100 gr Nitro Paint + 30-50 gr Nitro Thinner
Coverage: 8-10 sqm/kg

Drying time at 20°C:
- dry dust free 5 min.
- dry to the touch 30 min.
- dry in depth 8 hours

NextNitro paints are part of the production by VerniciSpray that is marked with the QUALITY EXTRA - brand.
All the items identified with this brand are produced directly by VerniciSpray, to guarantee the best care in the preparation and the best quality in the products.

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