NextNitro - Nitro Spray Paint in Gloss RAL colours Ral 9006 white aluminium

Gloss Nitro paint in RAL colours in spraycan Ral 9006 white aluminium

Spray can 400 ml

Nitro Spray Paint in all the Gloss RAL colours Ral 9006  white aluminium

Ral 9006 white aluminium

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Available in different formats Ral 9006 white aluminium

Product Description

NextNitro produced by VerniciSpray is indicated for who wants high quality paints and want to choose among all the RAL colours. A nitro paint is cannot be compared with acrylic paints: with gloss nitro paints, you have the best resistance to scratches and bumps thanks to their hardness and you get even the best coverage. NextNitro is particularly suitable for the painting of iron parts, industrial and agricultural machinery, automotive, motorbikes. Thanks to their resistance to petrol and chemicals, nitro paints are perfect for modeling, because in this case the resistance to fuel is very important.
VerniciSpray produces nitro paints in spray in all the RAL colours with gloss finish (and even every matt RAL colour) that you can find in the Colour Fan Deck RAL K7: all the colours are always availabe.
Instructions: Clean carefully the surface and make it matt using fine abrasive paper or scotch brite. Shake very well for some minutes and spray the paint at about 15-25 cm distance, applying 2 coats with an interval of about 10 minutes. We recommend spraying in thin layers, but make sure the surface is wet well with the paint. For drying times of Gloss Nitro Paints see the Technical Details below.
Coverage: about 1 sqm/spraycan.
The line NextNitro is marked with the QUALITY EXTRA brand, produced by VerniciSpray with a special care. PAINT REMOVAL WITH ACETONE AND/OR NITRO THINNER.

Technical Details

ml: 400

Technical Details and Useful suggests: Drying Time at 20°C: dry dust free 5 min, dry to the touch 30 min, dry in depth 8 h. It can be polished with abrasive paper or polish after 6-8 h. Coverage: about 1 sqm/spraycan. PAINT REMOVAL WITH ACETONE AND/OR NITRO THINNER.

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