NextRal 2k Polyurethane Spray Paint in Gloss RAL colours Ral 3020 traffic red

2k polyurethane Paint gloss RAL colours in spray Ral 3020 traffic red

2k Spray can 400 ml

2k Paint polyurethane based in spray can - RAL gloss finish Ral 3020  traffic red

Ral 3020 traffic red

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Available in different formats Ral 3020 traffic red

Product Description

The Spray Paints NextRal are the last goal in the spray paint evolution: the limit of 1k in the paints has been overcome, the new spray paints are 2k. Our 2k paints are polyurethane based and have better properties than the common paints: in fact the catalyzed polyurethane paints have a high UV rays, chimical and oil products resistance. They guarantee bright colours with no yellowing and combine toughness and elasticity. In the NextRAL Line, the 2k Paints in spray can are available in more than 200 RAL colours with gloss or matt finish: the finish of this item is gloss. The two-component polyurethane Paints have higher quality than the common 1k paints, so they are considered for professional use, but they are useful even for who need a very resistant paint in the field of automotive or for motorbikes or even to paint wood surfaces.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: How the 2k Paint must be activated
This is a two-component polyurethane paint so it must be activated with its catalyst (paint and catalyst are inside the spray can). To begin the catalyst process, remove the red plastic button from the cap of the spray can. Turn the spray can upside down and press hard the red button in the stem on the bottom of the can. Now shake the spray can very well to make the catalyst dissolve completely. The polyurethane paint is ready to be used now. REMEMBER: Before the application of the 2k paint, you must have a primer on the surface (it can be even the old paint), you can choose among our range of primers and fixative. The best one you can use is a catalyzed epoxy primer, which anchors to every material (all the metals, wood and some plastic surfaces). We recommend to use this 2k epoxy primer if you need the best result.
Attention: This is a 2k paint to be activated at the moment of use, so it must be applied within a short time period from the activation (about 6-7 hours). For the drying time, look at the Technical Details below.

Possible application Fields: car bodywork, motorbike frame, wood surfaces and any other application that requires resistant and elastic paint.

2k Paints are 50 times better than the 1k ones!

Technical Details

ml: 400

Technical Details and Useful suggests: Drying time (at 20°C and 60% RH):
- dry dust free 30 min
- dry to the touch 60 min
- dry in depth and complete crosslinking 48 hours

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Ottimo prodotto...

Ottimo prodotto, vernice spray catalizzata bellissima,top di gamma,spedizione

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Acquistato fondo...

Acquistato fondo in bomboletta per plastica e fondo per metalli fantastici . La vernice sempre in bomboletta con catalizzatore . Una resa fantastica. Bombolette già dotate di spruzzo a ventaglio.Per un neofita come me è uscito un bellissimo lavoro. Lo consiglio a tutti. E poi spedizioni velocissime.

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Ciao, ottima vernice, molto lucida , perfetta anche per un principiante, da mettere un sottofondo aggrappante ottimo altrimenti come ho fatto io se il sottofondo non è ben ancorato alla minima botta il colore si toglie , ho avuto difficoltà a iscrivermi, ho avuto difficoltà a pagare, ho avuto difficoltà a premere il bottone inferiore con catalizzatore, ho dovuto picchiare con martello in gomma ! Però alla fine colore ottimo👍

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Materiali ottimi...

Materiali ottimi, spero durino nel tempo.

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Super produit...

Super produit comme chez le carrossier. Extra beau rendu. A recommandé.

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Cordiali dal...

Cordiali dal momento dell'acquisto alla consegna personale preparato è sempre disponibile.

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Très bonne peinture...

Très bonne peinture, excellent résultat !

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Sono prodotti...

Sono prodotti di altissima qualita, anche se il prezzo é quello di mercato. Consiglierei confezioni piu grandi

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Muy buena calidad...

Muy buena calidad. Se aplica muy fácilmente. Muy recomendable, Yo no dudo en adquirir sus productos cuando tenga necesidad. Son caros pero los resultados son excelentes.

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