Direct Gloss Spray Paint for car RENAULT R4 couleur 719 ROUGE

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EAN: 8052131025072
Product code: VC-R-719
Cat.: Car Spray Paint and pot for Automotive Touch Up


Custom Paint NextColor in all solid colours (not metallic) of RENAULT R4 perfect for a simple and quick touch up of RENAULT car bodyworks. It is created following customers' request, producing the paint with the original colour code. The paint colour is produced at the time of purchase and written on the spraycan label. This is a 719 ROUGE spray paint, anyway if your car has a different colour you can find easily your car colour code thanks to our guide (see on the right).
One Coat: these paints have an excellent shine so they can be used without protective clear coat and they can also be polished with the right products, we suggest to use our practical rubbing polishing compound to get a higher brilliance.
Anyway, for the best shining you can apply a Gloss Protective Cear Coat, even available in Professional 2K High Gloss Clear Coat lacquers: See the Clear Coat short guide to choose the most suitable for your needs.
One spraycan covers a surface about 1 mq wide (2 coats).
Small differences in colour are possible.
Instructions for Use: Clean carefully the surface. Shake well the can for some minutes. Spray paint temperature must be 20°/25°C. Spray on the surface to be painted in an uniform way at about 20-25 cm distance. To prevent leaking, we recommend to spray the paint in thin layers, repeating if necessary. For an excellent coverage, the use of the handle MAGNUM is recommended: it lets spread the paint with more precision.
Available in Pastel Colours.
Remove the paint with acetone and/or nitro thinner.

Spray can 400 ml

Spray Paint for car touch up RENAULT R4 719 ROUGE 719 ROUGE

Unit price: EUR14.94
VAT included: EUR18.23
Valid until: 30-09-2020


Car Make : RENAULT
Car Model:  ,   ,   ,   ,   ,   ,   ,   ,   ,   ,   ,   ,   ,   ,   ,   ,   ,   ,   ,   , 
Original Colour Code : 719  
Finish : ROUGE (P.URTI= 630 - 20523)PAG.357/VOL.3 - 719

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 RENAULT Color Chart Car Model: R4
Please enter a valid email address. Original Colour Code Year Product code
ALPACA -ESPANA- ALPACA -ESPANA- 109 1987 - 1991 VC-R-109
BEIGE CAMARQUE (COMM)       (PAG.399/MAZ.2) BEIGE CAMARQUE (COMM) (PAG.399/MAZ.2) 139 1993 - 1993 VC-R-139
BLANC                  (PAG.356/VOL.3) BLANC (PAG.356/VOL.3) 389/90 1990 - 1993 VC-R-389/90
BLEU LUMIERE MET. BLEU LUMIERE MET. 495/86 1993 - 1993 VCD-R-495/86
BLU OZONE MET. BLU OZONE MET. 468 1990 - 1993 VCD-R-468
GRIS ICEBERG MET.       (P.URTI = 640/1 ) GRIS ICEBERG MET. (P.URTI = 640/1 ) 640/90 1990 - 1994 VCD-R-640/90
GRIS SUEDE GRIS SUEDE 640 1990 - 1994 VC-R-640
JAUNE VANILLE JAUNE VANILLE "ESPACE" -VEDI REN.8429- 305/88 1990 - 1990 VC-R-305/88
ORANGE ORANGE 389 1990 - 1993 VC-R-389
ROUGE (P.URTI= 630 -     20523)PAG.357/VOL.3 ROUGE (P.URTI= 630 - 20523)PAG.357/VOL.3 719 1987 - 1994 VC-R-719
ROUGE BRIQUE ROUGE BRIQUE 771 1990 - 1993 VC-R-771
TITANE MET. TITANE MET. "ESPACE" (COLORE P.URTI=R-8 647/84 1987 - 1990 VCD-R-647/84
VERT VERT 963 1992 - 1992 VC-R-963
VERT ANGLAIS MET. VERT ANGLAIS MET. 963/93 1992 - 1992 VCD-R-963/93
VERT NACRE MET. VERT NACRE MET. 968 1991 - 1991 VCD-R-968
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Technical Details

ml :400

Technical Details and Useful suggests : The custom car paints NextColor are mainly pastel colours paints: they have an excellent shine, so they can be used without protective lacquer and they can also be polished with the special products. For the best results protect with a Clear Coat: See the short Guide to chose the Clear Coat.

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