Spray Polyurethane 2k paint for car BMW X6-M in Original Color 300 ALPINWEISS III

2k Car Spray Paint BMW 300 ALPINWEISS III

2k Spray can 400 ml

Buy Spray Polyurethane 2k paint for car BMW X6-M 300 ALPINWEISS III


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Available in different formats 300 ALPINWEISS III

Product Description

The innovative prioduct that VerniciSpray proposes is a bi-component dye to paint your car in a professional and long-lasting way.

For medium or large car paint jobs, we recommend this polyurethane car paint NextColor 2k ultra-resistant spray paint! For small touch-ups, you can still prefer our NextColor 1k direct gloss car paint.
The 2k spray can, once activated, must be used all at once, so it's not suitable for small car touch-ups.

Choose this 2k car paint in color 300 ALPINWEISS III for your BMW X6-M if you're looking for a professional spray paint for larger surfaces. Finally, you can also purchase your original automotive color in this polyurethane paint for cars!
Now VerniciSprayŽ also produces BMW colors in2k paint for car. You can find NextColor 2k available in your color only if your car is in solid color (non-metallic): this type of production wouldn't guarantee the correct shade point of metallic original colors.

Advantages of 2k Polyurethane Paint:

  • Extra durability. 2k car paint is highly resistant to abrasions, weathering, solvents, and gasoline.
  • High gloss level. Compared to 1k direct gloss paint, the glossiness of 2k is significantly superior.
  • Single application. With a 2k paint spray, you achieve high gloss and durability even without using a protective clear coat.
  • Brighter and longer-lasting colors. Over time, the colours stay vibrant longer and are less prone to yellowing.
  • Large surfaces. Ideal for painting entire pieces like the car roof, a full fender, a door, or the hood.
Activation at the Time of Use:
The 2k paint spray already contains separate paint and hardener. Once activated, you can use it within about 24 hours. If stored in a cool place, it can last for a few days.

How to Activate: Shake well and remove the red button from the cap. Insert it into the stem at the bottom and press firmly, with a support surface if necessary. Shake well and apply the paint.

Application: Lightly sand the old paint. If the surface is unpainted, first prepare the base with a primer for plastic or metal. Always clean thoroughly, preferably with an anti-silicone cleaner. Apply one light coat and then 2 full coats, spraying horizontally and vertically. Apply the next coat when the previous one starts to dry visibly.

Follow our tips for the best spray painting results.

The 2k paint for car is produced upon customer request based on the BMW color code. Find the code in your car: check where the plate is located in your car brand. Small color differences are possible, so be careful not to create sharp color mismatches with the old car paint.

Technical Details

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Technical Details and Useful suggests:
Use our spray paint accessories kit for better application.
Coverage of one spray: about 1 square meter (2 coats).

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