BMW SERIE 7 Touch Up Paint in pot: bodywork solid colours - Direct Gloss colour 086 SCHWARZ

Car Custom Paint: pastel colours in pot BMW 086 SCHWARZ

Glass pot

Custom Paint for Car Touch Up in pot BMW SERIE 7 086 SCHWARZ


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Available in different formats 086 SCHWARZ

Product Description

Custom Pastel paint NextColor in all BMW original colours.
Created following the customers' requests, it is and ideal car paint for car and motorbike bodywork's touch up. You can find easily your car colour code thanks to our guide (see on the right).
This pot is produced for BMW SERIE 7 in colour 086 SCHWARZ.
One Coat: This kind of paint is already gloss enough, but it can be further polished with fine abrasive paste, with polish, or with our Protective Lacquers. If you need help for your choice, just look at our Guide to choose the most suitable Lacquer.
The coverage of 100 ml diluted paint is about 1-2 mq. Small differences of colour are possible.
Instructions for Use: Before painting, it is important to clean carefully the surface to be painted. Mix well before using. To spray paint you can use our Spray Gun (Professional Portable Sprayer) or normal painting gun or brush. In case you want to use spray paint, do not forget to dilute it in the ratio of 2 parts of paint and from 1 to 2 parts of nitro thinner. For details look at Technica Details below.
For a perfect result, cover the paint with our high gloss catalyzed lacquer, applicable with our Spray Gun.
The combination car paint in pot, catalyzed lacquer and Spray Gun is the professional answer to Car Touch Up.
To remove the paint use acetone and/or nitro thinner.

Technical Details

ml: 100

Technical Details and Useful suggests: With this kind of car paint one or more coats of our protective clear coats may be necessary. Recommend catalyzed lacquer.
To dilute the paint with Nitro Thinner:
100 ml CUSTOM PAINT + 50-100 ml THINNER

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Other Colours

Car Make: BMW, Car Model: SERIE 7

Other metallic colours

Other solid colours

  • 179


    Original Colour Code: 179

    Product code: BVC-BMW-179

  • 146


    Original Colour Code: 146

    Product code: BVC-BMW-146

  • 218


    Original Colour Code: 218

    Product code: BVC-BMW-218

  • 300


    Original Colour Code: 300

    Product code: BVC-BMW-300

  • 207


    Original Colour Code: 207

    Product code: BVC-BMW-207

  • 348


    Original Colour Code: 348

    Product code: BVC-BMW-348

  • 263


    Original Colour Code: 263

    Product code: BVC-BMW-263

  • 289


    Original Colour Code: 289

    Product code: BVC-BMW-289

  • 307


    Original Colour Code: 307

    Product code: BVC-BMW-307

  • 128


    Original Colour Code: 128

    Product code: BVC-BMW-128

  • 668


    Original Colour Code: 668

    Product code: BVC-BMW-668

  • P60


    Original Colour Code: P60

    Product code: BVC-BMW-P60

  • 314


    Original Colour Code: 314

    Product code: BVC-BMW-314

  • 405


    Original Colour Code: 405

    Product code: BVC-BMW-405

  • 172


    Original Colour Code: 172

    Product code: BVC-BMW-172

  • 173


    Original Colour Code: 173

    Product code: BVC-BMW-173

  • 322


    Original Colour Code: 322

    Product code: BVC-BMW-322

  • 176


    Original Colour Code: 176

    Product code: BVC-BMW-176

  • 086


    Original Colour Code: 086

    Product code: BVC-BMW-086

  • 329


    Original Colour Code: 329

    Product code: BVC-BMW-329

  • 224


    Original Colour Code: 224

    Product code: BVC-BMW-224

  • 138


    Original Colour Code: 138

    Product code: BVC-BMW-138

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