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Deals and Discounts

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Car Touch Up spray paint

Spray Paint for Rims for Cars and Motorbikes
Aerosol Rims paint, resistant to alcohol, gasoline and scratches, also available in gloss direct metallic colours

Touch Up paint in pot: bodywork solid colours
Bodywork Touch up Paint in pot 100 ml (equal to a 400 ml spraycan) Custom Pastel colours to use with our Spray Gun, air gun or brush.

Car Touch Up paint pot : any metallic and pearl colours for any models and make
Automotive touch up paint for our Spray Gun or brush application. This pot is 100 ml: just contact us to have a quote of paints in medium-large quantity

Basic Car Touch Up Paint Kit Spray with perfect colour match
This kit is ideal for DIY car paint scratch repair at an affordable price (good for medium or small repairs). Includes: one spray paint in factory matched color metallic or pearl and one 1k gloss clear coat spray

Professional Touch Up Paint Kit Spray
The highest quality kit to repair scratches on bodywork, to renovate your car paint with excellent colour match. Includes one spray paint in manufacturer colour and one professional 2k high gloss clear coat

Micro Brushes for Car Touch Up in 3 variants
12 disposable microbrushes to be used with our Custom Paint in pot: it is an assorted kit with medium, fine and super fine tip

Automotive Spray Paint in all car solid colours direct gloss
Direct gloss paint for perfect scratches repair on bodywork, produced in all solid colours (not metallic) for every car model. Thanks to its natural glossy is perfect for a touch up at an affordable price

Metallic and Pearl colours: Car Spray Paint with the best colour match for DIY repairs on bodywork
Automotive Spraycan in all metallic colours and pearl, double coat paints with high covering power to repair scratches on bodywork in car manufacturer colors

Protective k300 Gloss Lacquer one-component for Bodywork in Spray can
Gloss Lacquer for Bodywork paint protection - No Yellowing
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