NextDip Removable Rubber coating in spray can in every RAL colours White

NextDip Removable Rubber Spray Paint in RAL colours White

Spray can 400 ml

Removable rubber paint in spray can for car wrapping in RAL colours White


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Product Description

NextDip is a very innovative product, formulated to create a removable rubber film on every kind of surface, with protective or decorative purpose, without affecting the substrate.
It is realized with synthetic rubber which does not crack over time, able to create a protective film that is aesthetically perfect and very pleasant to the touch, very durable and smooth. This rubber coating insulates against electrical shock, moisture and heat (resistant to a range of temperatures from -35C to +93C), and it is an anti-abrasive and sealant coating.
With this properties it is an ideal rubber coating that you can apply easily even on hard to reach areas thanks to the version in spray: moreover, once sprayed, the product tends to get uniformed, making even easier the application, and the rubber film is completely removable.
Application Fields: This spray rubber coating is very useful to protect or renovate car surfaces, or for moto and RV. NextDip is often used to renovate the look of the rims: once removed, the surface of the bodywork or rims returns to be like before the application of the spray film.
It is even useful to insulate electrical parts, such as electronic cards or electrical control cabinets, preventing malfunctioning due to moisture.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Shake well the spray can before and during the use. Spray at about 20-30 cm with a temperature of 20-25C. Apply one thin first coat (without worrying about the coverage), wait 15-20 minutes and then apply the other coats (3 or 4, according to the thickness you want to achieve) with a time interval of about 30 minutes. For the complete drying, wait 4 hours from the application of the last coat.
The final result is quite matt, but the rubber film can become gloss with our 1k Gloss clear coat, so that the film will become gloss and will be still completely removable.

NextDip is the ideal product for Car Wrapping, the very popular new technique which consists in renovating the vehicles with the application of special adhesive films: with this product, now you can do it just with a spray can.

Technical Details

ml: 400

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